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Example Client FAQ's:

How do Maverick Associates operate?

We are a ‘hands-on’ recruitment agency. We don’t believe you have the time to scroll through hundreds of CV’s. Whether you approach us to source a candidate for a permanent, fixed term contract or a contractor role, we will bring to you (within an agreed timescale), the candidates we feel best fit your need. Upon instruction from yourselves, we will contact the chosen candidate/s and arrange the best time to put you both in touch.

What type of roles can you fulfil?

We provide a range of developers that include (but are not limited to) Full Stack Developers, .NET Developers, DevOps, Front End Developers, Backend Developers, Middle Tier Developers, Web Developers, Mobile Developers, SDET, Embedded Developers, Graphics Developers, IT Project Managers & IT Program Managers. For further clarification on the roles we can supply, please contact us.

What is the background of the candidates you propose?

We have developed a reputation for working with only the most highly skilled, highly sought-after industry professionals. Our candidates tend to have worked with cutting-edge technologies, in highly demanding, professional environments.

What is the cost of your services?

Regardless of the role being a permanent, fixed term contract or a contractor-based role, all costs will be disclosed right from the beginning of the engagement.

How does the interview process work?

As the hiring agency, WE will have arranged whatever level of initial engagement you need – telephone call, video call or face to face meeting. From that initial engagement onwards, we are happy to work in whatever manner suits you best. You may want us to continue the handling of the process right through to placement, however you may also feel that after that initial engagement you no longer feel the need for the situation to be managed by ourselves. The choice is yours.

Example Candidate FAQ's

How do Maverick Associates operate?

As simply as possible!! Using our upload tool, it can be as simple as uploading your CV to us. Our preference though (and our recommended process) is that we agree to a video call so that we have the chance to talk to you, to get to know you, to understand your needs better, to understand the culture that fits you best and in turn, for you to get a better handle on the kind of recruiter we are. Our candidate management model is a unique one, one we believe is a difference maker and we look forward to discussing it with you further.

What kind of roles are available through Maverick Associates?

Almost every type of Developer role you have heard of!! Plus a range of IT Project and Programme Managers.

Is it possible to know which company is posting the job?

The job poster's details are kept confidential before contact is made.

If I am a contractor, do I need to have my own company to apply for a contract job?

You don't need to have your own limited company prior to uploading your CV to us or our initial video chat. However, once you have secured a contract role through us, you will either need to set up your own limited company or work under an umbrella scheme prior to the work commencing. We can give you some advice and suggestions on these, and both are straight-forward and quick to set-up./p>

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